Mary Lou Harris http://www.filly425.webs.com/

Megann Hoscheid  www.avawaycreations.webs.com/apps/photos/

Nicky Petrie

Lauren Tapley

Grace Boguml

Lisa Gorbatjuk

Tammy Bielas

 Cindy Peltier

 Kim Shepard

Katarina Ivanovich

Mary Hackathorn

Cindy Diel Howdy Lady! My pretty boy...Dunny Boy came today! He is soo asome! You did a great job! My first Peter Stone Chip drafter! Do they all have the long mane or did you add that? I loved how you painted it in multi colors! WOW Thanks again for painting him!

Kim Todd

Lindsay Myers

crystal pomposo

Lorie Griffen

Linda Falkenstein

kim daly

 Yes I have, you are great to buy from! And a wonderful creative artist and one of the best hobby friends a person could ask for!!! Thank you for being a great hobby/online friend Steph! :} And Sharron also!!!! :} You both are just wonderful!





                             YOUR CHAMPION  OF 2009 IS.... STEPHANIE LEMMONS!

                                            Stephanie gave a fabulous presentation. Each of her models had detail, and life, and lets not forget love and hours of detailing put into them. Stephanie will be taking home the title of Customizing Champion of 2009, 1st place, 2nd place, 4th place, 10th place, and 16th place. Her model that took home CHAMPION was her DARLING Bay Newsworthy Pony!!!! 

                     Your RESERVE CHAMPION OF 2009 IS... STEPHANIE LEMMONS!
               Stephanie won 1st and 2nd by barely a point or less! She was very close to not escaping the amazing work of Angela Lockwood, but she was the one to succeed with her flashy Bay model Flash!
live show RoughRiders live nancie W I had a great time see photos in photo gallery!!








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